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  1. Author: JW / / Latest News

    Auto Enrolment

    As you are probably aware auto enrolment is being introduced throughout the UK. Many of our clients have or will be receiving letters from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) to explain some key points regarding auto enrolment and allow the business to register with them.

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    Mortgage Applications and forms SA302

    When applying for a mortgage it is not uncommon for the potential lender to request copies of forms SA302. An SA302 is a form produced by HM Revenue & Customs showing your total income and tax calculation based on the Self-Assessment Tax Return filed for that tax year.

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    How healthy are your books & records?

    HMRC demand that you keep your paperwork and bookkeeping records in good order with adequate referencing to original documents. In fact, you may be excluded from certain VAT schemes such as the second-hand margin scheme if your records are inadequate.

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